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Why You Should Never Delay A Root Canal Treatment

Rendering of root canal procedure

Many a times we take our oral health for granted. The only time we notice is when a sudden problem occurs and we fumble to get it resolved. One such common dental issue is a root canal treatment. Root canal decay causes a sharp, throbbing, and persistent pain in tooth. That means the decay has reached the nerve roots. Root canal treatment is an effective way to get out of this dental problem. AIMS Dentistry, the leading dental clinic in Mississauga for root canal treatment, tells their patients as to why they should never delay a root canal treatment:

To save your other teeth

Tooth pain is mostly caused by an infection in the root canal. There’s a thing about infection, it spreads if allowed to. That means the neighboring teeth can also get infected. That’ll complicate the already existing problem. It’s better to get the first decayed tooth treated at the earliest to save the surrounding teeth.

For Prevention of tumour

Odontogenic tumours are on a rise and one of the major causes is delayed root canal treatment that leads to spread of infection. This infection may manifest in the form of benign tumours that may further develop into malignant neoplasms. Timely action can prevent further spread of infection and resulting complications.

To Maintain tooth strength

Root Canal Treatment is followed by crowning of teeth to maintain the structural strength of the tooth. This eliminates any inconvenience post treatment. Root canal treatment helps you lead your life normally and you can eat whatever you like without restrictions.

Some do’s and don’ts when it comes to dental care

  • Don’t take over the counter painkillers up front in case of a sudden toothache. Contact your dental care provider ASAP.
  • Do get your teeth checked and cleaned once a year for early diagnosis and treatment of any dental ailment.
  • Don’t ignore the post treatment precautions enlisted by your dentist. Follow them religiously.
  • Every set of teeth is different. Only use the dental care products prescribed by your dentist as they know your teeth better than you.

Avoid foods that are known to cause tooth decay. Take anti-cavity measures to keep decay at bay. If you’re experiencing any dental issue, book your appointment with AIMS Dentistry, the best choice for Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga, today. They prescribe the best course of treatment after thorough assessment and diagnosis.

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