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Sedation Dentistry in Mississauga Dental services for every need

person with pillow

We can help you relax

Though our people are friendly and welcoming, a dentist appointment can still be a stressful experience.

Many people find it difficult to stay calm at their dentist appointment. To help our patients relax, we offer two different sedation options that can help relieve anxiety and make appointments more pleasant.

Sedation Oral

Oral sedation

Oral sedatives are pills that you swallow before treatment. They provide a mild to moderate sedative effect that takes a little bit of time to reach full effectiveness.

sedation gas

Gaseous sedation

Nitrous oxide is a gas that you inhale through a mask. Its relaxing effect is mild, but immediate.

Your dentist may recommend both nitrous oxide and oral sedation if your anxiety is on the more severe side.

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We’re always accepting new patients, and we’re always excited to meet Mississauga families who are looking for a better dental care experience. Whether you’d like to visit for a check-up and cleaning or more complex treatment, get in touch today!