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Emergency Dentistry in Mississauga Dental services for every need


Count on us for quick relief

We offer emergency appointments because some tooth problems call for immediate assistance.

If you experience a tooth injury, severe toothache, damaged restoration or denture, or broken teeth, you’ve got a dental emergency, and we’re here to help fix it as soon as possible—usually the same day.

During office hours

If your dental emergency happens during our normal office hours, call us immediately and we’ll do our best to see you the same day. If for some reason we’re unable to see you in person that day, we’ll offer advice on what to do until we can see you.

Outside of office hours

If your dental emergency happens outside of office hours—during the evening or weekend— we’ll still make every effort to see you in person. Call our office and listen to our after-hours message—it will outline our most recent emergency contact information.

Request an appointment

We’re always accepting new patients, and we’re always excited to meet Mississauga families who are looking for a better dental care experience. Whether you’d like to visit for a check-up and cleaning or more complex treatment, get in touch today!