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Guards and Bite Appliances in Mississauga Dental services for every need


Help prevent damage to your teeth

Your teeth can be injured by impacts or nighttime grinding. Guards and appliances help protect them from damage.

We offer custom-made sports guards and bite appliances. They always fit securely and comfortably because they’re designed and made to your mouth’s exact specifications—unlike inferior store bought options.

sports guard

Sports guards

A well-fitting sports guard over your teeth will help absorb the impact of a hit. If you play a sport—even a non-contact sport—the risk of an impact to your face is very real. A sports guard won’t interfere with your performance, but could prevent tooth damage or loss.

sleep guard

Sleep appliances

Some people grind or clench their jaw when they sleep. Often, waking up with a sore jaw is a sign that this is happening to you. A bite appliance will prevent grinding by holding teeth in place, while not interrupting sleep. Count on us to create one that fits just right.

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