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Why Getting The Perfect Fit For Dentures Is Essential?

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Dentures are appliances used to replace missing teeth that are known as false teeth. Getting used to dentures takes some time but benefits you amazingly once it becomes part of your daily routine. It is normal to get some problems initially but these problems will fade away with time. There are many types of dentures available & you might be wondering which type suits your need. Chances of not having the perfect fitting of the denture as per your needs are there. Therefore, it is really important to get the right suggestion from best denture clinic in Mississauga for a perfect fitting denture so you should not regret later. Here are some reasons why the proper fitting of your denture is so important.

Uncomfortable Eating: Dentures are molded plastic that fits in your mouth. It is normal to feel irritation for some days which fades away once you get used to it. Eating the same food you used to eat with natural teeth is possible with properly fitted dentures. But, having a hard time eating anything with denture tells it is not the perfect fit denture.

Loose fit: If your denture slips or moves at the time of talking, eating, laughing and sneezing, it is the sign of poorly fitting dentures. This can cause soreness because moving denture rubs against the gums. You can notice the irritation of moving dentures as well. This could be an embarrassing situation in front of others. Getting it relined or replaced is the best option.

Pain in the mouth: Some people adjust with new denture in a short time and some take few months to get used to it. It is common to experience discomfort wearing dentures in the starting. But over the time, new denture should adjust with your jaw and gums. If you start feeling pain wearing denture, it is not normal at all. This must be due to improper fitting of denture. Another reason behind it could be of uneven balance of bite forces. Your dentist can check why you are experiencing pain.

Sore mouth: If you fail to notice the moving denture in your mouth you can notice the soreness around the mouth. Moving and slipping dentures are the main causes of sore mouth. Misaligned bites also cause not only comfort issues but also pain and soreness. Your denture doesn’t have proper fitting if you have soreness in your mouth. You should not adjust with the pain and sore mouth because it can be worse with time.

Hard to clean: It is quite common for the denture to attract food particles outside but ill-fitting denture does more. If you notice more and more food particles getting started to gather under the denture, it is a sign that denture didn’t fit properly. With time, it will start getting plaque under the denture. A properly fitting denture prevents food to enter inside because it creates a seal near the gums.

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