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Understanding the Various Stages of Gum Disease

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What Is Advanced Periodontal Disease?

In adults, periodontal or gum illness (also known as gingivitis) is one of the main causes of tooth loss. As indicated by the CDC, 47% of grown-ups matured 30 years and older have some type of periodontal illness. If left untreated can gradually damage the gums and tissue around the teeth. Preventing periodontal disease is critical. Continue reading to look into the stages and indications of gum sickness, and how AIMS dentistry can assist with safeguarding your teeth.

How Gum Disease Progresses?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is caused when plaque develops and transforms into tartar. Then, at that point, microscopic organisms (bacteria) start to develop between your gums and teeth. The gums surrounding your teeth become inflamed when bacteria develop.

Periodontal Illness Is Moderate And Is Parted Into Four Phases:

Stage One: Gingivitis

In the first stage and milder stage, gum disease just influences your gums. The most common symptoms of gingivitis are swelling, inflammation, and bleeding (while brushing or flossing).

Stage Two: SLIGHT Periodontal Disease

Slight periodontal infection is the second stage of periodontal disease. At this stage, the symptoms are reversible, yet are easily manageable. Now, microbes (bacteria) become more forceful and the contamination spreads deep down to the root. This may cause potential bone loss. At this stage, basic oral cleanliness can not converse to the impacts of periodontal infection. A patient may experience bleeding, redness of gums, or bad breath. In addition, patients may also face probing that can be four and five millimeters in depth.

What Is Dental Probing?

Periodontal probing measures the depths of six regions of every tooth in the possible space between the gum tissue and the tooth. In a healthy mouth, probing depths are somewhere in the range of zero and three millimeters.

What Is Dental Probing?

At this stage, the symptoms are the same as those that occur in slight periodontal infection. However, probing depths are deeper. The depths are various from six to seven millimeters. This extra space increases the risk of reaching bacteria at your bones. At this point, it may reach your bloodstream too. Your oral well-being and your physical well-being become much more interwoven. Proper medical care is fundamental to treat it. If it is left untreated or didn’t get treated properly, periodontal illness at this stage can advance to:

  • Sensitivity in Gums
  • Bone and tooth Loss
  • Increase in bleeding
  • Moving of teeth

Stage Four: ADVANCED Periodontal Disease

This more damaging period of periodontal infection. This can risk your gum wellbeing and, surprisingly, your jawbone structure. At the point, when the amassing of bacteria along the foundation of your gum line happens, your body’s immune system reacts by tackling build-ups. Gradually, it destroys your gum tissue or bone in its pathway.

Risk Factors Of Periodontal Disease

Without proper care, this condition can influence your oral wellbeing and overall health. It can cause sensitivity in teeth, inflammation in gums to the bone, and tooth loss. An individual at whatever stage in life can develop this disease. However, various factors can help you identify, if you are more inclined to encounter these infections:

  • Systemic Disease (like chronic kidney disease, arthritis, obesity, and cancer)
  • Hereditary disease (genetics)
  • Existing conditions (for example, pregnancy and prescriptions like disease treatment)
  • Lifestyle habits (for example, use of tobacco or drinking)

Treating Your Gum Disease

For more advanced stages of periodontitis, from minimally invasive treatments to surgical procedures, we, at AIMS dentistry, provide the following treatments:

  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Bone uniting
  • Gingivectomy
  • Directed tissue recovery
  • Gum grafting
  • Scaling and root planning

In many instances, an early detection periodontal infection, we can begin patients’ treatment to get them on the way to a better mouth. Also, we can help you with a way of lifestyle changes to prevent this disease in the future.  

Accomplishing Better Oral Health In Mississauga

At AIMS dentistry, our goal is to unite dentistry and medicine to provide you with comprehensive healthcare services. By organizing care with your doctor, we intend to address your oral health needs, however, your overall health. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for a regular checkup.  

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