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Tooth Extraction – It’s Not Really That Bad

Dentist performing procedure on patient

Tooth extraction is something everyone is scared of. But at times it becomes unavoidable and one has to go through this simple procedure.

Tooth extraction is necessary for many conditions such as:

  • Tooth is damaged due to trauma
  • Tooth is decaying due to dental caries
  • Tooth is infected and infection may spread to neighboring teeth
  • To install partial or full set of dentures

The most commonly performed extraction is wisdom tooth extraction. However there’s nothing scary about teeth extraction, especially if you’re getting it done at a reputed clinic like AIMS Dentistry, the leading choice for Teeth Extraction Services in Mississauga. A highly effective local anaesthesia when administered properly can make this procedure somewhat painless and you won’t feel a thing.However there are certain precautions to be taken care of after you go through this treatment to allow proper healing.

Precautions to follow after tooth extraction

Patients might feel slight discomfort after teeth extraction. Talk to your dentist on how to care for your gums after tooth removal. After care becomes more important if tooth has been carried out due to an underlying infection.

Besides special aftercare, there are some common precautions you can follow to allow proper healing and reduce discomfort.

  • Don’t participate in strenuous activities that may disturb the blood clot formed at the site of removal. Blood clot formation is an important step towards healing and should not be ignored. If disturbed, it can lead to dry socket or alveolar osteitis.
  • Use ice pack for reduction of swelling. Degree of swelling may vary from person to person. Relaxation is important after you undergo this treatment. Listen to soothing music or read a book to calm down any anxiety you may have.
  • Change gauze pads regularly and after short intervals to prevent bacterial growth, especially if there’s been an underlying infection.
  • Stick to the course of post op antibiotics prescribed by your dentist.
  • Salt water rinse after 12 hours post op and every four hours thereafter is recommended to reduce swelling and to prevent infection.
  • Eat soft foods. Avoid crunchy or hard foods
  • Avoid drinking hot liquids. Prefer room temperature or cold liquids.
  • Take in plenty of fluids to help with healing.
  • Brush teeth very gently. Get a toothbrush with ultra soft bristles for everyday use.
  • Talk to your dentist about the safe NSAIDS that can be used post op to reduce pain and inflammation.

Keeping these things in mind will help you glide through the whole experience of tooth removal. For more precise Teeth Extraction Services in Mississauga, book an appointment with AIMS Dentistry.

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