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How To Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment?

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Root Canal, these two words can invoke fear and apprehension in a lot of adults. But if you are experiencing severe tooth pain, root canal is a treatment you should opt for as this procedure is done to relieve from the excruciating pain you feel. A Root Canal Treatment repairs and save an infectious or a damaged tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth, cleaning, further disinfecting it and then filling and sealing it. The most common causes are – cracked tooth, a deep cavity or repeated dental treatment to the tooth. Generally, all tooth pain does not lead to Root Canal Treatment. 

To know if you really need one, these are three signs you must look at:

  • The first sign you may need root canal is severe tooth pain, which is quite obvious. If you are having trouble chewing or feel a sharp pain when you apply pressure.
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. If the sensitivity does not go away even after the hot or cold element is removed, chances are that you may need a root canal therapy.
  • Inflammation of gums around the painful tooth, the gums will be swollen and may have a small, raised bump on them.
  • A discolored or darkened tooth is another sign that you should get your root canal treatment.

What to expect during root canal?

If you identify with these symptoms, you have realized a root canal may be what you need. You may want to know the procedure involved.

  • X-ray - if it is suspected by the dentist that you may need a root canal, the first thing he will do is take X-rays or examine existing X-rays to see where the decay is located.
  • Anesthesia - local anesthesia is administered to the affected tooth. It is a misconception that root canal is more painful than a filling.
  • Pulpectomy - an opening is made and all the contents of the canals including nerves, pulp and blood vessels are removed thus making it impossible for the tooth to feel any pain.
  • Filling - once the canals are empty, it is necessary for them to fill it up. The tooth gets a dental crown, this restoration helps to avoid future infection on the same tooth.

Saving a natural tooth is a wise choice and has countless practical reasons. If cared properly, teeth that have had root canal treatment can last you a lifetime. For a pain-free, efficient and effective Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga choose AIMS Dentistry.

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