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How To Keep Your Teeth Shining With Braces

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Over 4 million people get braces just to get their smile back. However, a yellow smile isn’t much needed! It can be quite a task to keep your teeth clean when you have tight braces on. Teeth whitening is not recommended while having braces on as it can give you a two-toned smile as whitening bleach cannot penetrate beneath brackets that cover most of your teeth’ surface. It can be frustrating as the person is already dealing with a painful process while he gets used to braces. Our patients are eager to know the tactics which they can use to keep their mouths clean and fresh.  

Choose The Right Toothbrush

We tell our patients at AIMS that they require a particular toothbrush that has smooth bristles which go into corners and clean them. It is important to clean the surface as this is the place your braces are adhered to. Electric or Interproximal brushes are recommended due to their circular movement which makes sure to clean any gathered plaque. Further any brush with the following features aids in effective cleaning of braces;

  • Rounded brush heads
  • Soft, flexible bristles
  • Narrow neck
  • Angled handles  

Fluoride Mouthwash

Do you know that the discoloration is also caused by cavities in your mouth and especially when you get braces, you are at a higher risk of getting tooth decay which leads to other oral complications as well? We recommend our patients at AIMS stick to an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash to add another layer of protection to their teeth.  

Water Flosser

Patients at AIMS absolutely love water flossers, according to them, it gives them a refreshing and light feeling once it removes all the debris and trapped food from their braces leaving them squeaky clean. The splash of water sneaks into tight spaces bringing out all the stucked plague, boosting the gum and teeth health.  

Avoid Acidic and Juicy Foods with Braces

While changing your routine you might also need to focus on your diet especially when you get your braces. Eating acidic food leads to tooth erosion in which your teeth lose their outer protection and the enamel starts to erode. This opens gates for bacteria to make your mouth its breeding ground. You may avoid eating acidic food and beverages to protect your smile.  

Spit, but do not rinse after brushing

Our patients are not very fond of this habit but we make sure they comply with it. Rinsing after mouth washing with fluoride will dilute all the effective solutions. It washes away all the solutions which are needed to serve the purpose. Adhering to this routine will allow you to flash your wide smile successfully. Reminders to our braced warriors It’s about who you are, not how you look. And braces are to improve your appearance, so you’re already a step better off than before towards your journey!

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