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Foods To Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Many people opt for Teeth Whitening Treatment to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their smile. In today’s selfie obsessed world, everyone wants to look their flawless best and teeth whitening is one of the ways to achieve that. However, there are certain precautions to be observed post treatment to maintain dental health and teeth whiteness. The first line of precaution is to avoid foods that may stain or weaken your teeth. AIMS Dentistry, specialists of Teeth Whitening Treatment in Mississauga, tell about the foods to avoid and other post treatment precautions for a long lasting beautiful smile:

Caffeinated drinks

It’s advisable to avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee for at least 48 hours post treatment to avoid staining. Such drinks are known to stain your teeth almost instantly. It’s recommended to limit their intake even after 48 hours for long lasting effects.

Acidic foods

Teeth whitening treatment includes mild bleaching of enamel that increases its sensitivity. Foods that may further weaken enamel like acidic or sour foods must be avoided to protect enamel and to prevent future episodes of increased sensitivity to cold and hold liquids. Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, etc must be avoided. Certain fruits like blueberries can also lead to staining of teeth and hence should be avoided as well. A 24 hour avoidance is absolutely necessary.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate and its various forms such as hot chocolate, chocolate cake, etc must be avoided for at least a week to avoid staining. Dark chocolate also has a high caffeine content and should be avoided in the early days of treatment.


Smoking must be avoided for at least 24 hour after treatment. If you want you can puff on electronic cigarettes in moderation. High tobacco, nicotine, and caffeine content in cigarettes stain teeth with every bout of smoke you inhale. It must be restricted in future as well as cigarette stained teeth are much harder to whiten as compared to normal teeth.

Dark sauces

Dark coloured sauces such as soy sauce, red pasta sauce, barbeque sauce, and dark meats should also be avoided owing to their staining properties. You can substitute red meat with white meat and red sauce with white sauce in pasta. This precaution should be exercised for 24 hours.

Red wine

Red wine also stains your teeth. It’s advisable to substitute red wine with white wine to avoid staining.

Miscellaneous products

Avoid coloured toothpaste and certain mouthwashes that have a tendency to give a brown tint to teeth post use. Only use those dental care products that are prescribed by your dentist.


Certain foods are allowed after teeth whitening. Basically foods that are not acidic and do not stain your clothes, are okay to be consumed. The list goes like this:

  • White vegetables such as cauliflower, peeled potato, etc.
  • White meat that consists of boiled chicken, steamed fish, and crab meat are allowed. Don’t cook them in dark sauces.
  • Clear, colourless beverages such as still/ sparkling water, soda water, white wine, etc.
  • Non acidic fruits such as banana are acceptable.

These are the dos and don’ts post teeth whitening treatment as far as food items are concerned. For more detailed information on maintaining the effects of this treatment, visit AIMS Dentistry, the leading provider of Teeth Whitening Treatment in Mississauga.

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