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Choose an Emergency Dentist After Finding Out a Few Facts

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Dental-related pain has been described as the most excruciating type of pain anyone can possibly experience. Such contingencies may arise without a formal warning, necessitating an unexpected hasty visit to your dentist on the onset of a toothache.

Let’s start by talking about dental emergencies. Many patients aren’t sure as to what comprises a dental emergency. A standard dental issue can wait until daybreak, whereas a dental emergency requires prompt medical intervention as it can compromise your health.

A mouth trauma can cause a lot of pain, discomfort, swelling, bleeding etc. If the discomfort you are feeling is worsening progressively and showing no signs of getting any better, you may need to consult your dentist at the earliest.

There is no telling when such a situation may arise. So it is better to make preparations beforehand. Because, trust me, when you are in agonizing pain- the last thing you want to do is scour the internet to search for an emergency dentist closest to your location who also has good ratings. Having prior knowledge of where you are heading in case of a dental emergency helps a tonne. But how do you select the best emergency dentist? Keeping it uncomplicated, we have prepared a quick-to-read blog for you.

Enquire whether your specialist offers emergency services: 

Not all dental professionals are available for emergencies round the clock. You would not want to arrive at your regular dentist’s clinic only to find out they don’t offer the requisite service. Therefore, you need to do your research and practice due caution when shortlisting your emergency caregiver. All you have to do is enquire about their working hours and availability for emergencies. You can also find this information online simply by skimming through their webpage.

Look for a dental clinic closest to your place: 

In the face of an emergency, nobody wants to drive longer than necessary. Driving far can worsen the issue and cause anxiety, stress and agitation. So, the distance between your place and the clinic should be one of your primary considerations. Remember to add it into the equation and ensure that your go-to emergency dentist isn’t further than a 15-20 minute drive.

Does your dental caregiver accept your insurance plan:

Just like medical emergencies, dental emergencies may happen anytime, anywhere and can become very costly. You may have insurance that covers dental emergencies, but what good will it do if your emergency clinic doesn’t accept your insurance plan? If you do not wish to break your bank over an unexpected crisis, remember to check with your doctor about the insurance coverage beforehand. You may consult your insurance provider to enlist dentists who accept your plan and are open to accommodate emergencies.

Look for credibility and experience:

Another crucial point to consider is the level of experience your dentist has. When you are in a dental crisis, you are vulnerable to several issues, and timely intervention from an accomplished doctor can prevent your problem from worsening. Start by ascertaining the areas they specialize in! Look them up on the internet and go through their ratings and reviews. See what the locals have to say about their experience with the dentist before you make up your mind.

Consider wait times: 

Long patient wait times can result in further deterioration of the ailment. In the face of an emergency, you simply cannot afford to wait long for primary care due to things like a shortage of staff, lack of equipment etc. Look for a dental team equipped to tackle such situations and who also has sufficient prior experience.

Inquire about their hours and schedule: 

Dentists that handle emergency cases offer extended hours of service. But they may or may not be available at all hours of the day. So it’s advisable to look into their working hours. The same goes for their weekly schedule. Your doctor may not be available on Saturdays or Sundays. And that is a significant downside for emergency cases as a health crisis may decide not to take the weekend off. Look their schedules and timings up or give them a call to enquire.

Ask what ages they treat: 

Before the onset of an emergency, determine what age range the dentist of your choice provides services to. You wouldn’t want to take your wisdom tooth problem to a child specialist. 

Now that we have discussed the points that will help you pick the right emergency dentist, you may wonder how to proceed hereafter. It’s precisely the same as looking for a great restaurant nearest your place. Open your search engine and type “Emergency Dental Services Clinic Mississauga” OR “Dental clinic near me Mississauga”,  and you can browse through the results and pick your best option. It’s that simple. If you want to read more informative blogs, you can head over to the AIMS Dentistry website or suggest topics you would like to discuss in our next blog.

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