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A Guide To Cavity Treatment With Different Dental Fillings

Young patient receiving a filling

Dental filling is the dental procedure to remove decay maintaining the structure of your teeth. The procedure includes cleaning the area and fills the space with the material. A dental filling can return your tooth to its normal function and shape. Here are material fillings options which can restore the tooth damage:

Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam filling is called silver-colored filling due to its silver color appearance. This filling is a mixture of various metals like mercury, copper, tin, and silver. This is the most common type of filling that has been used to fill cavities for a long time. The reason why dentists are using them for so long is because of its unbeatable strength, long-lasting and cost-effectiveness. Amalgam fillings are mostly used to fill molars and you can expect them to last for 10-15 years. It is really important to choose a dentist who has proper equipment and experience to remove the material.

Composite Resin Fillings: Composite fillings are known as plastic or white fillings for front & back teeth that suits small cavities. It is the combination of powdered glass & acrylic resin. These types of fillings are matched with the color of your natural teeth, which makes tooth colored fillings in Mississauga a preferred choice for front teeth. We bite hard on back teeth so they are not good for back teeth because of plastic filling. These fillings are not so durable as well as can easily be stained and difficult to polish.

Porcelain fillings: Porcelain fillings are made of ceramic material to repair cavities. These types of fillings are useful for the areas which get great pressure while chewing. Ceramic material looks natural and known as an alternative to a crown. It can be matched to the color of your existing teeth the same as composites. While porcelain fillings are expensive but also are durable, smooth and easy to clean. Being non-crystalline glass, they are composed of oxygen and silicon. It is mostly liked by the people who are conscious about their teeth appearance.

Gold Fillings: As per the name, these types of fillings consist of mostly Gold. Usually 75% Gold and rest are alloys and copper. Gold fillings are the most expensive yet extremely durable &long lasting option but need a longer time to apply. They cost 6-10 times more than Amalgam fillings. The color of which does not match with other teeth. Gold fillings last longer than other types of fillings. The process of application needs two dental visits.

Glass Ionomer: Glass ionomer material contains fluoride that helps to stop recurrent tooth decay. These are typically used in kids’ changing teeth to protect from decay. These types of fillings are useful for situations where decay is near the root. These are made of glass and acrylic, designed to last for less than five years.

It is a common misconception that dental fillings will make your teeth look unnatural, with a greyish hue. Rest assured, our skilled dentists can mimic the look of your natural dentine. What’s more, the tooth colored fillings cost Mississauga is fixed at genuinely low rates.

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